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Home in Neutrals: A Three-Bedroom Condo Unit Makeover in Makati

Almost everybody wanted a space to settle that is near their workplace for convenience. Buying a condominium unit is a good start to the investment.

Design Brief

The client recently bought a two-bedroom unit property in Makati as their get-away haven from the United States. The unit has a good city view of Makati Business District with 84 square meters, including the balcony. A hefty amount of money was already invested in the property, and the owners wanted to make the space more excellent with a budget of eight hundred thousand for the entire unit. The client's condo unit will be for lease since most of their time will be abroad as their jobs demand. The design brief is to create a neutral and easy-to-style space. A space that can provide warmth and relaxation to the users. Furniture pieces are functional, stylish, and wouldn't hurt their budget.

condominium unit in makati
Living Area, The Lerato

Minor Construction

The new unit consists of the basic finishes and fixtures. The ceilings were designed to improve and provide space for artificial lighting fixtures. The bathrooms were supplied with glass partitions and accessories for their necessities. A beveled mirror medicine cabinet just right above the lavatory makes a statement and adds depth to the space.

colorful bathroom design
Master Toilet and Bath, The Lerato

Peach hues accent the guest bedroom wall, mint cools the bathrooms, and wood paneling to the master bedroom. Heavy curtains in light grey with free-flowing sheers were installed to soften the space and to control harsh sunlight from coming in.
guest bedroom idea
Guest Bedroom, The Lerato

Sourcing and Strategy

The fun part of making a condo unit is furniture and material sourcing. All furniture pieces, lighting fixtures, accessories, and decors for the entire condo unit cost around two-hundred fifty-thousand (250,000.00) pesos only, a discounted price. The regular price is around three hundred twenty thousand (320,000.00) pesos, and if to sum up the entire project cost, that would be approximately one point two (1,200,000.00) million pesos. Materials were ordered directly to the suppliers to get a good discount, and some materials were sourced locally too for a fair price.
open plan lay out living room
Living, Dining and Kitchen Area, The Lerato

The accessories for the decoration of the project were sourced out locally by the interior designer. The client's paintings were from their family collection. Some of the artworks were displayed in their unit.
"Note: Interior Designers cannot control the market price but, they have good connections where to buy affordable pieces for your home. "

Here are some more photos of the unit:
Unit Photos, The Lerato

Doing a condo makeover varies from the client's space requirement to the client's needs and the building provisions. Consult a professional to get the best results and outcomes on your budget. To know more about the suppliers of the furniture, fixtures, and pieces of equipment of the unit, feel free to send us a message, and we would gladly help.


Space Project under the management of FEROLINO ALEJO CORPORATION is a design and construction company focusing on creating engaging, comfortable, and deeply personal spaces. Inspired by the philosophy of “designing solutions,” Space Project is situated at So-oc, Mandurriao, Iloilo City with a satellite headquarters in Wagner, Ideal Subdivision, Commonwealth, Quezon City, Metro Manila, 1121.

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