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Interior Design Trends to Look Forward to this 2022

We’ve all spent the last few years pretty much at home, and what exactly are our senses drawn for the year 2022?

roof top house design

For the modern millennia, interior design trends have been used as an aesthetic aid to relive our purpose in the spaces we move into. Taking notes from the Chinese art of Feng Shui, where spatial positioning within a space corresponds to energy flow, or the ancient Rome’s use of earth-tone patterns to mimic nature’s harmony, these ideas show the influences we put in our homes.

As we enter the third consecutive year from the global pandemic, there’s no shocker that the interior design trends to look out for this year revolve around wellness and health.

Larger Windows

Looking back, our ancestors were indeed right all along. The traditional architecture form such as the bahay-na-bato makes use of huge windows with capiz sliding doors and double volume ceiling to make the space well ventilated since we are a tropical country all along.

Moving forward to our current state, proper ventilation reduces the risk of breathing in the virus according to the Heath and Safety Executive of the Government of UK. And it’s no wonder homeowners will be prioritizing proper air circulation in the longer run.

Studies have also shown that exposure to natural light helps boost energy while at the same time regulating your natural circadian rhythm, encouraging better sleeping at night.

Since the global pandemic gave us the reality that our homes have become the main setting of our lives, perhaps every corner and object we are surrounded by will serve a much larger sense of purpose.

house design

Poco Villa is a modern contemporary house design project that emulates simplicity in elegance. Watch the full video of the project here

Sensorial Strategy

“Scent has taken center stage during the pandemic, and people are scenting specific areas of their home with different scents as a way of inhabiting space with all of their senses,” Lisa White creative director and director of interiors at WGSN says.

If there is one thing about interior design is that they need to feel good as they look good. The sensorial experience of each individual is dynamic and unique. Currently, our culture demands more and more from us, making us overstimulated and overly connected. Creating mindful sensory interiors makes a counter-movement towards this sensory overload.

Since our brain constantly craves simulation, the future of interior design is what experience do you want to have in this space? Is it meant to be quiet, or collaborative? Active or calming?

contemporary house design

Take for example this home whimsically curated by J. Design. The texture and tactile inputs help with focusing on your daily activities while friendly elements such as plants, throw pillows, and the lowered sofa gives a large dose of intuitive grounding.

summer house design

Multi-Purpose Rooms

Two in one treatment is not new anymore in the interior design scene, however, the idea of a space with designated areas for different activities has been redefined once again since people are more focused on nesting.

An ideal way to picture multi-purpose rooms in our current situation is that an entryway may also serve as a ‘sanitary area’. Mudrooms aren’t common in the Philippines, and yet, we are given a situation in which we must filter thoroughly first the items that are entering our spaces.

As we strive to balance the need for compelling spaces with the need for safety, we also foster good social interactions when people are at ease.

Fulfilling a workplace where people can socialize and collaborate are a few purposes that an office must fulfill where they can be safe and feel safe. It’s a human instinct where we pivot towards comfortable settings such as softer furnishing, lush materials, and crafted finishes as displayed on this waiting area designed by LAHUBRE Designs.

modern contemporary house design

Nature Inspired Palette

With more time spent indoors, we are seeking to strengthen our connection with nature. The raw and imporous nature of such as wood and terracotta adds soul and depth while also emulating the calming restorative balance of nature.

A slightly more mondaine approach towards these wooden features is contemporary conservatories. Whether creating a common garden-inspired room or just by styling a conservatory corner in a very sunny room in a place, features relating to nature will feel a bit more assuring as if we are looking towards the sky.

Mimicking nature’s design is a trend that seems to never go away. Get started by looking at how IDr. Gail Cordero Bermudo used these unconventional hues on this upscaled bedroom. Feeling a bit luxurious, the bedroom offers multiple areas to rest with invoking a sense of unparalleled comfort. The headboard extends upwards making the bed a more intimate sanctuary in the overall place.

modern bedroom design

The large collection of accent pillows can be an easy way to update your look from cooled tones that feels like the sky to warm yellow hues that remind you of summer.

This palette reminds us why the trend never seems to go away. It is a safe choice for those looking who are leaning towards a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere that is comfortable as it is pleasing to the eyes.

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