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Poco Villa: Modern Contemporary Haven Interior Design in Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal

Contrary to his band's rock and roll concept, Louie Poco, the bassist of The Bloomfields, favored a contemporary and minimalist approach for his family home. Perched on the hillside terrain of Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal, Poco Villa holds a panoramic skyline view, overlooking the cities of Metro Manila.

The interior details translate the client's choice for a simple yet elegantly designed home. The overall concept of interior design revolves around minimalism and modern luxury with the use of all-natural elements. Stones and wood materials influence the idea, redefining simplicity. The adequate use of muted colors such as white, gray, and brown, accented by a metallic finish, creates a sophisticated style.

Neutral shades utilized in the living room reflect lights, making the space more open and airy. It complements the daytime sun coming in from the full-height windows. Wall finishes come in a smooth texture of Venetian plaster, sending out an illusion of standing within a work of art. The ceiling lights with metal accents give a sense of balance, and the furniture utilized allows airflow, making the space warm and inviting. The dining room shines in the corner with hanging cylindrical lights in a metallic finish. The curtain lines tinted with soft tones bring a more comfortable feel, the plain-colored cabinets are straightforward, and the patterned rug amplifies the colors. Completing the modern look is an accent artwork that makes a statement on the wall.

An open outdoor view and the marble countertop are the highlights of the kitchen space. The design further keeps the less is more approach and maximizes the usage of natural light through the glass ceilings.

While the walls of the general areas are in Venetian plaster finish, textured wallpapers polished the bedrooms. Minimal pieces of furniture are installed in the master and guest bedrooms, ensuring a clutter-free space. Probably the most anticipated area is the master bedroom which features a jib door to the walk-in closet. The door stands on the right side of the bed but appears as one of the wall mirrors. Pushing the beveled mirror wall directs to the hidden walk-in closet. The application of neutral colors makes the small room appear larger. Mirrored compartments on the closet keep the room appear spacious. Bathrooms are ensuite across all bedrooms, ensuring easy access. The integration of automated bathroom toilet seats makes the design smart and future-ready. These technologies are part of the designing solutions to provide sustainable and efficient space for the client.

The organized placement of the plants throughout the property brings the outdoors inside, following minimalist principles. Taking inspiration from the client's condominium property, the client requested to conceal air conditioning units in compartments.

With 'designing solutions' and 'safety before aesthetics' philosophy at the backbone of the design, wood slats covered the AC units not to ruin the overall beauty of the villa. The third story is an ideal space for an afternoon tea or an evening party. White and cream shades of furniture fill the roof deck space, and the colors blend with the breathtaking view of the lush greenery. Additionally, knowing the client's personality, the band room is a must-have in the villa. It's a space dedicated to his passion for music and instruments. Poco Villa sets the balance between simplicity and elegance. Its tempered yet luxurious details reflect a fresher look for modern houses. For the owner, the villa is a breath of fresh air. It's a place where he can be naturally free and outgoing. Just the combination of contemporary and minimalist approaches alone makes its design unique for a Filipino home.

by: Rona Lie Narida

Design Team:


Julius Rey Peñalosa

Erika Joie Ingente-Peñalosa

Interior Designer: Ken Ferolino

Contractor: M.I.Eler Interior Design

Video: Ben Joseph Cabarroguis

Photography: Nomer Kaiz Del Mundo


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